Our program objectives are to help our students to develop positive self-image and self-confidence, and to teach that success is in the process, not just the product.
To help our students to understand that respect is earned through the process of:


Courage gives you strength; Strength gives you Discipline, and Discipline earns you RESPECT.
To provide creative and challenging programming.

To communicate respect for self, others and property.

To develop understanding of the subject of personal defense so that the student can learn to make decisions based on courage, not out of fear.
To teach self-defense by training students to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations and if a situation is or becomes unavoidable to teach the student how to control such situations to their advantage.

· To teach the student how to become self -motivated by setting realistic and attainable personal goals.

· To teach the student how to have fun within the framework of the program objectives.

Program Objectives
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