Combining of Forms Divisions
When a division is to be combined with another division in accordance with the 3 Competitor Rule, the
following "Combining Options" will be used.

1st:  Same "Gender" and "Age", one (1) "Rank Higher".
2nd: Same "Gender" and "Age", one (1) "Rank Lower".
3rd:  Same "Age" and "Rank" combine "Genders".
4th:  Same "Gender" and "Rank" one (1) "Age Group Higer".
5th:  Same "Gender" and "Rank" one (1) "Age Group Lower".

Minors are restricted from being combined with Adut Divisions (18 &Older).

All "Combining of Divisions" protests are to be directed to the Bullpen Supervisor, whose decision is final.

Competitors whose division was combined by Bullpen Personnel due to the three (3) Competitor Rule
are deemed not to have violated the rules infraction of "Entering the Wrong Division" and retain their right
to enter in their regular division based on their Gender, Age and Rank, in future tournaments.

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