Divisions with only 1 or 2 competitors are required to be combined with another division of the same Division Title in accordance with the combining options as found in Combining of Divisions [combining of divisions]

Protests relating to Divisions and the Combining of Divisions are the responsibility of the Bullpen Supervisor, whose decision is final.

If a competitor's division is combined with another division of higher experience, the competitor has not violated any division rules and may continue to register to compete in their regular division.

3 Competitor Rule
Divisions with 3 Competitors
Divisions with 3 competitors are to be ran in a Double Elimination Format.

Divisions with 2 Competitors
Promoters may elect to run divisions that have only 2 competitors.

The match will be ran with two 2-minute rounds
The winner of a match will be the competitor with the highest total number of points earned at the end of time or the competitor who is ahead by 5 points, whichever comes first.

2 & 3 Competitor Divisons
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